Midwest Food Bank
Midwest Food Bank came to my church asking for help remodeling, organizing the space, and cleaning, but I wanted to contribute my special skill set. I also wanted a good excuse to try something I had never done before: designing a typography based mural.
Before I started the painting process I spent several hours sketching the Bible verse “I was hungry and you gave me food.” I incorporated wheat from the food bank logo, three-dimensional elements for the type, and a sense of motion that carried the illustrations across the page.
Mission Possible Café
Phoenix Rescue Mission opened Mission Possible Café as a non-profit cafe that employs the homeless. They asked me to paint a wall mural for their restaurant. I recruited some classmates to help me, and we designed several logo and wall mural options for them to choose from. 
The Heard Building
One of my wall mural concepts was selected for a creative office space in downtown Phoenix. Mesquite trees, cholla cactus skeletons, a Phoenix bird, creosote, rainstorms, and rattlesnakes are woven in the composition. I love the beauty of the desert! Phoenix is awesome, and the desert is alive!
Hope for Hunger Food Bank - Phoenix Rescue Mission
Phoenix Rescue Mission reached out to me to paint a mural for their food bank. The mural sits in the lobby area of the food bank where guests are invited in and get to see this message of hope. 

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