The challenge for this project was to develop a visual communication piece promoting myself. It had to be three-dimensional and mail-ready. During the project's beginning stage, I was asked what three words I use to describe good design. I cannot narrow my design philosophy down to three words, but rather one idea. Design something with such great thought, research, and detail that people have to keep looking. Captivate eyeballs.
First I began mindmapping and sketching things that I liked and represented who I am. Coffee came up a lot because I am addicted to its beautiful, black, warm goodness and have at least two cups a day. I sketched packaging concepts and drew inspiration from coffee sample subscriptions. Combining my love of typography, patterns, and coffee, I designed my own flavors that I bring to the [coffee] table. What I have to offer to the world is also what coffee has to offer the world, so basically, I am coffee.
My drawings started out as patterns that represented words describing me. These patterns evolved into a more illustrative typography approach that I used to spell out the word DRAW. The letters stand for Detail, Resilience, Ambition, and Wonder.

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