People say that the activities you participated in as a child will hint to the career path you will take in the future. If graffitiing the walls in my parent ’s bedroom with a Sharpie is any indication that I would become a designer, then the people are right. I love creating and making things with my hands and I use that energy to tackle every design project.
I have my Associate's in Digital Media Arts: Design and I am currently continuing my education at Arizona State University to earn my Bachelor of Science in Design in Visual Communication and Business Minor. If I could stay a student forever, I would. I have a love of learning and a passion for design education and theory.  
I found a love for design while in community college and for the past four years, I have been pouring myself into design projects, books, articles, conferences, and ideas. I love the variety that graphic design gives me. I enjoy working on identity projects, t-shirt designs, packaging, posters, video, and event branding.
I want to offer a more beautiful world to others, so I’m always agreeing to a volunteer design project for non-profits, and my favorites have involved community murals. Now, I have surpassed the walls of my childhood home, onto the walls of non-profits and local businesses, this time with a better visual communication strategy and a little more experience.

10-year-old me explains the secret to becoming a good designer: